Isbah Name Meaning

Isbah Name Meaning in Urdu: Illuminating Hearts with Joy Names are not just words; they carry stories, emotions, and cultural significance. In the enchanting world of Urdu, the name ‘Isbah’ shines brightly, symbolizing a radiant light that illuminates the hearts it touches. In the graceful strokes of Urdu script, ‘اسباح,’ Isbah is more than just …

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Fasiha Name Meaning

Fasiha Name Meaning in Urdu: A Symphony of Wisdom and Elegance In the universe of names, each syllable carries a melody, a story, and a depth that resonates through generations. Among these melodious notes, the name ‘Fasiha’ emerges as a sonnet of elegance and wisdom. In the poetic Urdu script, ‘فصیحہ,’ it’s not just a …

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Baby Boy Name (B)

Badr: Full moon, brightness Baha: Beautiful, magnificent Bilal: Moisture, water Burhan: Proof, evidence Basil: Brave, fearless Basim: Smiling Bashir: Bringer of good news Baqir: Deeply learned, scholarly Badi: Wonderful, marvelous Basharat: Good news, glad tidings Badi’ al-Zaman: Marvel of time Baha al-Din: Beauty of the Faith Barir: Faithful, pious Baha Udeen: The magnificent of the …

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Baby Boy Name (A)

Aariz: Respectable man, intelligent, leader Abbas: Lion, a companion of Prophet Muhammad Abdul: Prefix meaning “Servant of” (e.g., Abdul Rahman means “Servant of the Most Gracious”) Abeed: Worshipper, devout Adil: Just, fair Ahmad: Most praised, one of the names of Prophet Muhammad Aqil: Wise, sensible Arham: Merciful Asad: Lion Ashar: Wise, prudent Asim: Protector, defender …

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