Baby Boy Name (B)

  1. Badr: Full moon, brightness
  2. Baha: Beautiful, magnificent
  3. Bilal: Moisture, water
  4. Burhan: Proof, evidence
  5. Basil: Brave, fearless
  6. Basim: Smiling
  7. Bashir: Bringer of good news
  8. Baqir: Deeply learned, scholarly
  9. Badi: Wonderful, marvelous
  10. Basharat: Good news, glad tidings
  11. Badi’ al-Zaman: Marvel of time
  12. Baha al-Din: Beauty of the Faith
  13. Barir: Faithful, pious
  14. Baha Udeen: The magnificent of the Faith
  15. Bahram: Victory, success
  16. Bilal al-Habashi: The Ethiopian companion of the Prophet Muhammad
  17. Barakat: Blessings
  18. Bishr: Joy, gladness
  19. Bashshar: Bringer of good news
  20. Baqir al-Ulum: One who dissects knowledge
  21. Basil al-Assad: Brave lion, Syrian president’s son
  22. Bassam: Smiling
  23. Badr al-Din: Full moon of the Faith
  24. Barakah: Blessing, abundance
  25. Badr al-Maw’id: Full moon of the promised time
  26. Bishr al-Hafi: Joyous and humble
  27. Basir: Seeing, perceptive
  28. Baqir al-Hassan: Splitter of grain, the honorable
  29. Badiuzzaman: Marvel of the age
  30. Bilal I: First Muezzin, companion of Prophet Muhammad
  31. Bashir al-Assad: Bringer of good news, Syrian president’s son

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