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Rahat Indori


Rahat Indori was a prominent Indian Urdu language poet, renowned for his impactful and emotionally stirring poetry. Born on January 1, 1950, in Indore, India, Indori earned a Ph.D. in Urdu literature from the Bhoj University in Madhya Pradesh. He was not only a poet but also a respected lyricist and a well-known Bollywood scriptwriter.

His poetry was marked by its depth, passion, and the ability to resonate with the masses. Indori’s words often delved into socio-political issues, love, human emotions, and the struggles of the common person. He had a unique style that combined traditional Urdu poetics with a contemporary touch, making his verses easily relatable to a wide audience.

Indori became a household name in India, not only for his literary contributions but also for his powerful renditions of poetry, which he often recited in mushairas (poetic symposiums) and on various platforms. His live performances were known for their electrifying impact and his charismatic presence on stage.

Apart from his poetic brilliance, Indori’s work as a lyricist for Bollywood songs earned him further acclaim. His notable works include lyrics for films like “Munnabhai MBBS,” “Murder,” and “Khuddar,” among others.

Sadly, Rahat Indori passed away on August 11, 2020, leaving behind a legacy of poignant poetry and a significant contribution to the world of Urdu literature and Bollywood music. His words continue to resonate with audiences, inspiring and touching the hearts of many.

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Notable work

Rahat Indori, a highly respected Indian Urdu poet, has numerous notable works that have left a lasting impact on Urdu poetry. Some of his most famous works and collections include:

1. Do Kadam Aur Sahi (Two Steps Forward): This collection features his poignant and thought-provoking poetry that reflects on various aspects of life, love, and society.

2. Maujood(Present): This collection is known for its profound and introspective poems, touching upon themes such as existence, human emotions, and societal issues.

3. Naraz (Angry): This compilation showcases Indori’s versatile style and his ability to encapsulate deep emotions and social commentary within his poetry.

Rahat Indori’s poetry often revolves around love, life, social issues, and the human condition, resonating deeply with a wide range of readers due to its relatability and emotional depth. His poetic brilliance and ability to convey complex emotions in simple yet profound verses have earned him a place among the most celebrated Urdu poets in India.

Early life

Fahmida Riaz, a prominent Urdu poet, writer, and feminist, was born on July 28, 1946, in the town of Meerut, British India (now in India). Her family migrated to Pakistan during the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947. Riaz spent her early years in various cities in present-day Pakistan, including Hyderabad and Lahore.

Her upbringing was marked by a progressive and intellectual environment. She was encouraged by her family to pursue education and writing, which greatly influenced her later career as a poet and writer. Riaz was an ardent advocate for women’s rights, and her early experiences and exposure to societal disparities and gender issues in Pakistan shaped her perspective and the themes she addressed in her poetry.

Fahmida Riaz became a pioneering figure in Urdu literature, known for her bold, outspoken, and unconventional approach to poetry, especially for challenging societal norms and traditions. Her work often confronted social taboos, including female sexuality, patriarchy, and the oppressive structures within society.

Throughout her life, Riaz remained an influential voice, not just in the realm of poetry but also in social and political activism, using her words and actions to advocate for change and progress in Pakistani society. She passed away on November 21, 2018, leaving behind a legacy of literary brilliance and activism.


Rahat Indori was a renowned Indian Urdu poet, lyricist, and academic known for his impactful and socially relevant poetry. Some of his famous works include:

1. “Do Kadam Toh Sath The”: This poem talks about the transient nature of relationships and how people eventually part ways despite being together for a certain distance or time.

2. “Bulaati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi”: This composition is about the complexities of love, addressing the feeling of being called by someone but not being allowed to leave.

3. “Agar Khilaaf Hain Hone Do“: This poem encourages embracing differences and letting opposing views exist peacefully, advocating for tolerance and understanding.

4. “Mauqa Mile Toh”: This piece talks about seizing the moment and making the best out of opportunities whenever they come our way.

5. “Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua”: This famous poem revolves around the power of prayer and how it has the potential to change destinies.

Rahat Indori’s poetry often touched on themes like love, society, politics, and the human experience. His verses were not just admired for their literary beauty but also for their relevance to the contemporary socio-political scenario. His poetry has been recited widely and has left a lasting impact on the hearts of many poetry enthusiasts.


Rahat Indori was a prominent Urdu language poet, lyricist, and a well-known figure in the world of Urdu poetry and Indian cinema. His poetic works were highly regarded for their depth, social commentary, and evocative expression. He gained immense popularity not only for his poetry but also for his powerful presence and recitation style.

Indori’s legacy primarily rests on his impactful and socially relevant poetry, which often addressed various social issues, love, human emotions, and the political climate of the country. His verses resonated deeply with the masses and reflected the ethos of the common people. He was known for his ability to express complex emotions in simple yet profound words.

Rahat Indori’s influence extended beyond the literary realm. His poetry was not confined to the pages of books but transcended into various mediums, including Bollywood, where his lyrics were featured in numerous films. He penned memorable songs that captivated audiences and left a lasting impact.

Beyond his literary contributions, Rahat Indori’s legacy also encompasses his dynamic stage presence. His live performances were incredibly popular, where his recitations, often filled with passion and conviction, left an indelible impression on his audience.

Indori’s unfortunate demise in August 2020 led to an outpouring of grief across the nation. However, his legacy continues to thrive through his immortal poetry, which continues to inspire and resonate with people, transcending the barriers of time and space. He remains an influential figure in the world of Urdu poetry and an icon whose words continue to echo in the hearts of many.

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