Lala Sehrai

لالہ صحرائی

Lala Sehrai


Lala Sehrai, a prominent figure in Pakistani literature, was a highly regarded poet known for his significant contributions to Urdu poetry. Born in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sehrai’s literary works predominantly encapsulated themes of love, patriotism, and the socio-political landscape of his time. His verses often resonated with the common people, drawing from their daily experiences and emotions.

Sehrai’s poetry possessed a unique blend of traditional poetic forms and modern expression, making his work accessible and relatable to a wide audience. His use of eloquent language and profound insights into the human condition garnered admiration and a dedicated following.

Throughout his life, Lala Sehrai’s poetry echoed the spirit of resilience, social consciousness, and a deep connection to his cultural roots. He left an indelible mark on Urdu literature, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and resonate with poetry enthusiasts and readers, not just in Pakistan but across the Urdu-speaking world.

Resting place

Notable work

Lala Sehrai, a renowned Pakistani poet, is known for his significant contributions to Urdu literature. Some of his notable works include:

1. “Zindagi Naama” This is one of his prominent works, which reflects on life, its various facets, and the human experience.

2. “Kulliyat-e-Sehrai” – This is a compilation of his complete works, including poetry that covers a wide range of themes such as love, nature, and societal issues.

3. “Ghazal Collection” – Sehrai’s ghazals, a poetic form in Urdu, are celebrated for their depth of emotion, lyrical beauty, and intricate use of language.

Lala Sehrai’s poetry often delves into themes such as love, spirituality, nature, and the human condition, earning him recognition and admiration among poetry enthusiasts. His contribution to Urdu literature has made a lasting impact on the literary landscape in Pakistan.

Early life

Lala Sehrai, whose real name was Syed Anwar Azad, was a renowned Pakistani poet known for his contributions to Urdu literature. Born on February 28, 1945, in Srinagar, Kashmir, Sehrai grew up in a family with a deep appreciation for literature and poetry. His father, Syed Rasool Shah, was also a poet and a prominent figure in the literary circles of Kashmir.

Sehrai received his early education in Srinagar and developed a love for literature, particularly poetry, from a young age. His exposure to the rich cultural heritage and the tradition of Urdu and Kashmiri poetry in his formative years greatly influenced his poetic sensibilities.

Despite facing personal and societal challenges, Sehrai’s passion for poetry continued to blossom. His verses often reflected the socio-political realities of his time, touching on themes of love, loss, political upheaval, and the human condition.

Later in his life, Sehrai became associated with resistance poetry and his work resonated deeply with the struggle for freedom and the political situation in Kashmir.

Lala Sehrai’s poetic contributions earned him recognition and respect not only in Pakistan but also among Urdu poetry enthusiasts globally. His eloquent verses and poignant expression of emotions cemented his place as a significant literary figure in Urdu poetry.


Lala Sehrai, born as Syed Lal Shah, was a renowned Pakistani poet known for his works in the Kashmiri language. He hailed from Indian-administered Kashmir and was celebrated for his poetry that often revolved around themes of love, nature, and the socio-political landscape of Kashmir.

Sehrai’s poetry, deeply rooted in the Kashmiri culture, resonated with the common people and touched upon their everyday experiences and emotions. His verses reflected a profound understanding of human emotions, the beauty of the Kashmir Valley, and the plight of its people in the conflict-ridden region.

While specific collections of his work might not be widely available in English or outside the Kashmiri-speaking community, his poetry has left a lasting impact, particularly among those who understand the Kashmiri language and appreciate its rich literary tradition. Sehrai’s words have carried significant cultural and emotional weight for Kashmiris and those interested in the region’s literature.


Lala Rukh was a prominent Pakistani poet and writer known by her pen name, “Lala Sehrai.” She hailed from Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir and was a significant figure in Urdu literature. Lala Sehrai’s poetry primarily focused on themes of love, human emotions, and the beauty of Kashmir.

Her verses were admired for their depth, sensitivity, and the ability to capture the essence of life, especially the emotions of people living in conflict-ridden regions. She was revered for her poignant expression of the pain and struggles faced by the people of Kashmir, infusing her poetry with their experiences and emotions.

Lala Sehrai’s legacy lies in her contribution to Urdu literature, particularly her unique poetic voice that resonated with many, addressing universal emotions while encapsulating the specific struggles of her homeland.

Her work continues to be celebrated and cherished, leaving an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of Pakistani poetry.

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