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جوش ملیح آبادی

Josh Malihabadi


Josh Malihabadi, whose full name was Shabbir Hasan Khan Josh, was a prominent Indian Urdu poet, writer, and philosopher. He was born on December 5, 1898, in Malihabad, a town in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and he passed away on February 22, 1982. Josh Malihabadi is celebrated for his significant contributions to Urdu literature and poetry.

His literary journey began at a young age, and he quickly gained recognition for his profound and thought-provoking poetry. Josh was known for his progressive and revolutionary ideas, and his work often expressed a strong sense of nationalism, social justice, and humanism. He was deeply influenced by the socio-political events of his time, including the struggle for Indian independence.

One of his most notable works is the collection of Urdu poetry called “Bang-e-Dra,” which was published in 1924. His poetry is known for its intricate and innovative style, and it addresses a wide range of themes, including love, revolution, and spirituality.

Josh Malihabadi was not just a poet but also a philosopher who used his poetry to advocate for social change and human rights. He was a prominent figure in the Progressive Writers’ Movement, a literary movement that aimed to use literature and art as a means to address societal issues and promote progressive values.

Throughout his life, Josh Malihabadi traveled extensively and engaged with prominent literary and political figures of his time, both in India and abroad. He spent a considerable portion of his life in Pakistan after the partition of India in 1947.

Josh Malihabadi’s enduring legacy in Urdu literature continues to inspire poets and readers alike. His poetry remains celebrated for its depth of thought and its ability to evoke strong emotions and social consciousness.

Resting place

Josh Malihabadi, the renowned Urdu poet and writer, passed away on February 22, 1982. He is buried in Islamabad, Pakistan. His grave can be found in the H-8 Graveyard, which is a well-known cemetery in the city. Josh Malihabadi was a prominent figure in Urdu literature and made significant contributions to poetry and literature. His work continues to be celebrated and remembered by Urdu-speaking people around the world.

Notable work

Josh Malihabadi, whose full name was Shabbir Hasan Khan Josh Malihabadi, was a renowned Indian Urdu poet, writer, and philosopher. He made significant contributions to Urdu literature, and some of his notable works include:

1. Shola-o-Shabnam (Flame and Dew):

This is one of his most famous poetry collections. It contains ghazals, nazms, and other poetic forms that showcase his command over the Urdu language and his deep philosophical insights.

2. Yaum-e-Azadi Ki Or (Towards Independence):

This is a collection of his poetry that reflects his patriotism and support for India’s struggle for independence from British colonial rule.

3. Junoon o Hikmat (Passion and Wisdom):

In this collection, Josh Malihabadi explored various philosophical themes, including the human condition, spirituality, and the quest for knowledge.

4. Bange Dara (The Call of the Marching Bell):

Josh Malihabadi was influenced by Allama Iqbal, another prominent Urdu poet and philosopher. Bange Dara is a collection of poetry that shows this influence, as well as his own unique style and perspective.

5. Fikriyat (Essays):

In addition to poetry, Josh Malihabadi wrote essays on various subjects, including literature, philosophy, and politics. His essays are highly regarded for their intellectual depth and critical thinking.

Josh Malihabadi’s poetry and writings are known for their intellectual and philosophical depth, as well as their emotional resonance. He made a significant impact on Urdu literature and continues to be celebrated for his contributions to the field.

Early life

Josh Malihabadi, whose full name was Shabbir Hasan Khan Josh Malihabadi, was a renowned Indian Urdu poet and writer. He was born on December 5, 1894, in Malihabad, a town in the Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Here’s a brief overview of his early life:

1. Family Background:

Josh Malihabadi was born into a family of landowners. His family had a significant literary and scholarly background, which played a crucial role in his upbringing and later career as a poet.

2. Early Education:

He received his early education in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu from his father and other eminent scholars in the region. His exposure to these languages and literatures greatly influenced his writing.

3. Moved to Delhi:

In 1911, Josh Malihabadi moved to Delhi, which was a hub of Urdu literary and intellectual activities during that time. This move opened up new opportunities for him to interact with other poets and writers.

4. Literary Interactions:

In Delhi, he came in contact with prominent literary figures like Allama Iqbal, Akbar Allahabadi, and Firaq Gorakhpuri. These interactions had a profound impact on his intellectual and literary growth.

5. Urdu Poetry:

Josh Malihabadi began writing poetry at a young age and soon gained recognition for his literary talents. His early poetry often expressed themes of love, romance, and patriotism.

6. Advocacy for Independence:

He was an ardent supporter of India’s struggle for independence from British colonial rule and used his poetry as a means of raising awareness and motivating people to join the freedom movement.

Josh Malihabadi’s early life was marked by a passion for literature, a strong educational foundation, and a deep commitment to the cause of India’s independence. His poetic journey would later make him one of the most celebrated Urdu poets in the subcontinent.


Josh Malihabadi, whose full name was Shabbir Hasan Khan Josh Malihabadi, was a renowned Urdu poet and writer. He was known for his progressive and socially conscious poetry. Some of his notable works include:

1. Yadon ki Barat:

This is one of his most famous and celebrated works. It’s a collection of his poetry, and it reflects his thoughts on the socio-political issues of his time.

2. Junoon o Hikmat:

This work is a combination of poetry and prose, where he discusses various topics, including philosophy, literature, and the challenges faced by the society.

3. Shola o Shabnam:

This is another important collection of his poetry, showcasing his poetic talent and his commitment to addressing societal issues.

4. Harf-i-Mirza:

In this work, Josh Malihabadi expressed his admiration for the famous poet Mirza Ghalib. He discussed Ghalib’s poetry and his life, showcasing his deep appreciation for the legendary poet.

5. Fikriyat-i-Josh:

This is a collection of his essays and literary criticism, which provide insights into his thoughts and views on literature and society.

Josh Malihabadi was not only a poet but also a thinker and writer who contributed significantly to Urdu literature. His works are still studied and celebrated for their intellectual depth and social consciousness.


Josh Malihabadi, whose real name was Shabbir Hasan Khan, was a renowned Urdu poet and writer. He is considered one of the most prominent and influential poets of the 20th century in the Indian subcontinent. His legacy is primarily associated with his literary contributions, especially in the field of Urdu poetry. Here are some key aspects of his legacy:

1. Poetry:

Josh Malihabadi was a prolific poet known for his ghazals and nazms (poems). He was part of the progressive writers’ movement and used his poetry to convey social and political messages. His works often reflect his concern for social justice, freedom, and human rights.

2. Patriotism:

Josh Malihabadi’s poetry is filled with a deep sense of patriotism and love for his homeland. He expressed his love for India and his commitment to its cultural and linguistic diversity through his verses.

3. Progressive Ideals:

He was associated with the Progressive Writers’ Movement, a literary movement in South Asia that aimed to use literature as a vehicle for social change and justice. His poetry often promoted progressive ideals and critiqued societal issues.

4. Influence:

Josh Malihabadi’s work and activism left a lasting impact on the world of Urdu literature. He inspired many other poets and writers to use their literary talents to bring about positive change in society.

5. Awards and Recognition:

Josh Malihabadi received several awards and accolades for his contributions to Urdu literature, including the Sahitya Akademi Award and the Padma Bhushan, one of India’s highest civilian honors.

6. Literary Contributions:

His poetry collections, such as “Shola-o-Shabnam” and “Harf-i-Sar-e-Bis̱ẖmīr,” are still widely read and admired. His works continue to be studied and cherished by lovers of Urdu literature.

7. Personal Legacy:

Josh Malihabadi’s life and work continue to inspire poets, writers, and individuals who are passionate about social justice, human rights, and the cultural richness of the Indian subcontinent.

Overall, Josh Malihabadi’s legacy is firmly rooted in his contributions to Urdu poetry and his commitment to progressive ideals, patriotism, and the betterment of society through his literary and intellectual endeavors. His poetry and writings remain an integral part of Urdu literature and continue to be celebrated for their enduring relevance and impact.

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