Akhtar ul Iman

Akhtar ul Iman

اختر الایمان
12 November 1915


12 November 1915




Famous Urdu poet, screenwriter, and lyricist Akhtar ul Iman (1915–1996) is recognized for his important contributions to Urdu literature and the Indian cinema industry. Born in Hyderabad, British India, he became well-known for his powerful poetry, his ability to write in a variety of styles, and his contributions to Indian film.

Iman frequently explored a wide range of topics in his poetry, such as romance, love, social justice, and the human condition. Poetry lovers respected him for his command of the Urdu language and his ability to arouse feelings in the reader with his lines.

In addition to his literary accomplishments, Akhtar ul Iman left his impact on Indian cinema by penning the lyrics and screenplays for a number of well-known movies. His partnerships with well-known directors and composers had a profound effect on the Indian film industry’s cultural milieu. He gained reputation in the film industry because of the depth and complexity that his lyrics and speech brought to the movies.

The enduring poetry of Akhtar ul Iman and his iconic films that enthrall viewers are testaments to his legacy. He is now regarded as one of the most important characters in Indian film history and Urdu poetry thanks to his literary and artistic accomplishments.

Early life

On August 12, 1915, in what was then known as Hyderabad, British India, Akhtar ul Iman was born. His family had a long history in literature. The passion of Urdu literature ran in his family; his father, Shams ul Iman, was also a poet. Akhtar ul Iman was raised in a setting that fostered a profound love of language and poetry.

Akhtar ul Iman showed a strong interest in literature and poetry writing from an early age. The socio-political climate of the time had a big impact on him, and the surrounding cultural milieu inspired him. His poems frequently conveyed powerful feelings and social commentary, reflecting the prevailing difficulties in society.

Iman completed his primary schooling in Hyderabad before relocating to Aligarh Muslim University to further his study. He started working as a poet, writer, and lyricist in the Indian film business after completing his studies. He made important literary contributions to Urdu language and gained recognition for his expressive poetry and adaptable writing style.

Akhtar ul Iman made significant contributions to Urdu literature during his life, and his writings and compositions have had a lasting impact on the poetry and film industries. His significant contributions in both fields have left a lasting legacy.

Story behind the name

The well-known Urdu poet and screenwriter Akhtar ul Iman had a name rich in history and significance. On April 12, 1915, in Bilgram, a town in northern India (now Uttar Pradesh), Sayyid Akhtar Hussein Rizvi was born. He subsequently took on the pen name Akhtar ul Iman, which means “Star of Faith.”

Iman was a prominent character in Indian cinema and Urdu poetry. ‘Akhtar ul Iman’ is the moniker he picked to represent his ideals, faith, and the brilliance he aspired to express via his work. The name represents his steadfast adherence to religion and his desire to shine brilliantly and make a lasting effect on the world via his writing and poetry.

Throughout his career, Akhtar ul Iman gained notoriety for his exquisite poetry and outstanding scriptwriting services to the Indian cinema industry. The essence of his convictions were carried in his name, “Akhtar ul Iman,” and this was reflected in the profundity and passion of his poetry.


Akhtar ul Iman was a notable Urdu poet, lyricist, and scriptwriter from India. He made important contributions to Indian cinema and Urdu literature. Among his noteworthy creations are:

Verses: – Famous for his ghazals and nazms, Akhtar ul Iman conveyed deep feelings and themes of love, grief, and the beauty of life. His poems frequently explored the nuances of interpersonal interactions and human emotions.

Movie Songs: – He wrote songs and lyrics for several Bollywood films, bringing his lyrical talent to the tunes. Songs from films like “Pakeezah” (1972), “Razia Sultan” (1983), “Arzoo” (1965), “Mere Mehboob” (1963), and “Chitralekha” (1964) are among his well-known film compositions. Music lovers still treasure his poetic expressions in these tunes.

Writing for Screen: – In addition to being a poet and lyricist, Akhtar ul Iman also wrote screenplays. He contributed screenplays to multiple movies, demonstrating his aptitude for narrative and comprehension of human feelings. He created screenplays for several films, including “Arzoo” (1965) and “Mere Mehboob” (1963).

Acknowledging his place among the great names in Urdu and Indian cinema, Akhtar ul Iman’s poetry, screenplays, and song lyrics have made a lasting impression. His works are still praised for their rich emotional content and exquisite poetry.


Akhtar ul Iman was a prominent Urdu poet, lyricist, and screenwriter in the Indian film industry. He left a significant legacy through his impactful contributions to Urdu poetry, film songs, and scripts. His work continues to be celebrated and admired, particularly in the realms of poetry and Indian cinema.

1. Urdu Poetry: Akhtar ul Iman was revered for his mastery of the Urdu language and his poignant, soul-stirring poetry. His verses were known for their depth of emotion, intricate imagery, and lyrical beauty. His poetry often delved into themes of love, life, and human emotions, resonating with a wide audience.

2. Film Industry Contributions: He made an indelible mark as a lyricist and screenwriter in Indian cinema. Akhtar ul Iman provided the film industry with some of the most memorable songs and scripts. He penned lyrics for numerous classic Bollywood films, infusing his poetic sensibilities into the songs. His lyrics had a way of connecting with the masses and are cherished even today for their timelessness.

3. Impact on Indian Cinema:Akhtar ul Iman’s contributions to Indian cinema were substantial. He collaborated with legendary music composers and filmmakers, creating a repertoire of songs and stories that remain etched in the history of Bollywood. His ability to blend profound emotions and meaningful storytelling in his writing made him a respected figure in the film industry.

4. Cultural Influence: His work continues to inspire aspiring poets, lyricists, and writers. The beauty and depth of his poetry have left a lasting impact on Urdu literature and popular culture, influencing subsequent generations of artists and writers.

5. Legacy in the Literary World: Akhtar ul Iman’s legacy lives on through his written works, which continue to be revered and studied in the realms of Urdu poetry and literature. His contributions have cemented his place as a luminary in the world of Urdu literature and Indian cinema.

Akhtar ul Iman’s legacy endures through the timeless beauty of his poetry and the unforgettable impact of his contributions to Indian cinema. His influence on both poetry and film has left an indelible mark, earning him a place among the most esteemed figures in these domains.

Notable work

In the Indian cinema industry, Akhtar ul Iman was a well-known poet, screenwriter, and dialogue writer in Urdu. For his contributions to poetry and film, he is honored. Among his noteworthy creations are:

1. Screenwriting for Film: Iman’s most well-known creations were in the film industry. He wrote the dialogue, melodies, and screenplays for many popular Bollywood films. He was involved in a number of well-known movies, including “Waqt,” “Kohinoor,” “Palki,” “Dil Tera Deewana,” “Neel Kamal,” “Do Badan,” and “Patthar Ke Sanam.” The audience was deeply affected by his stirring lyrics and speech in these films.

2. Verses:In addition to his work in movies, Akhtar ul Iman was an accomplished Urdu poet. Because of the depth, feeling, and romanticism of his poetry, he became well-known in the literary circles of his day.

Both viewers and aficionados of Indian cinema and Urdu poetry continue to value Akhtar ul Iman’s contributions, which are still substantial.

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Awards and recognition

Akhtar ul Iman was a renowned Urdu poet, lyricist, and screenwriter, known for his significant contributions to Indian cinema. While Iman’s accolades and honors might not be as extensively documented as some other public figures, his contributions in the field of poetry and Indian cinema have been widely appreciated. Some of the recognitions and awards attributed to Akhtar ul Iman include:

1. Filmfare Awards: Iman received several Filmfare Awards for Best Lyricist for his exceptional work in Bollywood movies. Notable wins include:
– He won the Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist for the song “Husnwale Tera Jawab Nahin” in the film “Gharana” (1961).
– He also won for “Chand Taare Tod Lau” from the movie “Teesri Kasam” (1966).

2. Other Accolades: Apart from Filmfare Awards, Akhtar ul Iman’s poetic brilliance earned him recognition and admiration from the film industry and the literary community. His contributions as a poet and a writer in Indian cinema have been praised for their depth, emotional resonance, and cultural significance.

Iman’s impact on the world of Urdu poetry and Indian cinema remains significant and continues to be celebrated even after his passing. His lyrical compositions and poetic genius have left a lasting legacy in the hearts of many admirers of Urdu literature and Bollywood aficionados.




Akhtar ul Iman was a renowned Urdu poet, screenwriter, and lyricist in India. He is celebrated for his profound contribution to Urdu poetry and Bollywood cinema. His literary works primarily consist of Urdu poetry, ghazals, and film lyrics. His poetic style is deeply rooted in the classical tradition of Urdu poetry, reflecting themes of love, romance, and the beauty of life. He possessed a remarkable ability to express complex emotions and sentiments through his verses. Akhtar ul Iman’s lyrical compositions often showcased a delicate blend of emotional depth and literary elegance, earning him admiration and respect in the realm of Urdu poetry. Iman’s influence extends beyond his literary prowess, as he also made a significant impact in the film industry by penning memorable lyrics for several Bollywood movies. His lyrics are known for their poetic richness, metaphorical beauty, and evocative storytelling. Iman’s work continues to inspire and resonate with Urdu poetry enthusiasts and remains an integral part of the cultural and artistic heritage of India.

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