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اختر شیرانی


Akhtar Sheerani, born in 1905 in Ambala, British India (now in Haryana, India), was a prominent Urdu poet known for his romantic and emotional poetry. He gained recognition for his eloquent and expressive style, contributing significantly to Urdu literature during the 20th century.

Sheerani’s poetry often revolved around themes of love, longing, and the complexities of human emotions. He crafted verses that resonated deeply with readers, capturing the essence of human relationships, particularly the intensity of love and the associated emotions. His works are characterized by their richness in metaphor, depth of feeling, and a captivating lyrical quality.

The poet’s notable collections include ‘Aina-e-Ghazal,’ ‘Sukhanwarane Sheerani,’ and ‘Naghmaat-e-Sheerani,’ which are celebrated for their poignant portrayals of love and human sentiments. Sheerani’s mastery of the Urdu language and his ability to evoke powerful emotions through his poetry earned him admiration and a lasting place in the world of Urdu literature.

He passed away in 1948, leaving behind a legacy of profound poetry that continues to inspire and captivate poetry enthusiasts and readers worldwide. Akhtar Sheerani’s contributions have secured him a distinguished position among the great Urdu poets of his era.

Resting place

The renowned poet Akhtar  Sheeraniis buried in Karachi, Pakistan. His final resting place is located in the city where he spent a significant part of his life and contributed greatly to Urdu literature.

Notable work

Renowned Urdu poet Akhtar Sheerani was renowned for his passionate and sentimental poems. The ghazal “Aah ko chahiye ik umr asar hone tak” is one of his most well-known compositions and is highly regarded in Urdu literature. This ghazal is among Sheerani’s most well-known pieces because of its rich emotional content and examination of the anguish and desire of unrequited love.

Early life

Renowned Urdu poet Akhtar Sheerani was well-known for his passionate and romantic poems. Sheerani’s real name was Syed Akhtar Hussain Rizvi, and he was born in Ambala, Punjab (now in Haryana, India) in 1905. He came from a literary family; Syed Raziuddin Rizvi, his father, was a poet.

Sheerani completed his primary schooling in Ambala before going on to study at Forman Christian College in Lahore. His love of poetry dates back to his early years, and he began penning Urdu poetry in college.

Following his graduation, Sheerani started his career as a teacher but later relocated to Hyderabad, where he became involved in the Urdu literary and poetic community. He became well-known for his passionate and romantic poetry, winning the respect and admiration of other poets as well as notable writers of the day.

Among Urdu poets, Akhtar Sheerani has a distinctive place thanks to his literary accomplishments, particularly his romantic poetry and ghazals. His art conveys spirituality, love, and intense feelings. In addition to making a substantial literary contribution to Urdu, he is renowned for his exquisite and moving poetry.

Sheerani was a relatively young poet when he passed away in 1948, but he left behind a legacy of deeply felt and poignant poetry that is still highly regarded in the Urdu literary community.


Renowned Urdu poet Akhtar Sheerani was renowned for his passionate and sentimental poems. He is praised for his poignant poetry that frequently capture the complexity of love and intense feelings. Among his noteworthy creations are:

1. “Naghma-e-Hayat”: This poetry book explores topics of love, grief, and the human experience while reflecting on life’s many subtleties.

2. “Aks-e-Khushboo”: Another noteworthy Sheerani collection, this piece figuratively depicts the nuances of feelings and experiences in life while capturing the essence of fragrance (Khushboo).

3. “Koh-e-Nida”: The metaphor of a mountain (Koh) is used in this collection of poems to represent the yearning and echoes of longing that exist within our hearts.

Sheerani is well known for her poetry’s emotional profundity and capacity to forge a close emotional bond with the reader by depicting feelings and experiences common to all people. The poetic beauty and thought-provoking themes of his writings have made them beloved by fans of Urdu poetry.


Akhtar Sheerani, born in 1905, was a renowned Urdu poet known for his romantic and poignant poetry. He gained fame for his ghazals and nazms, showcasing profound emotions and an eloquent style. His legacy is marked by his contributions to Urdu literature, particularly in the realm of love and romance.

Sheerani’s work often delved into themes of love, beauty, and the trials of life. His verses were characterized by their depth, sensitivity, and a certain lyrical quality that resonated with many. His poetry was not only about romantic love but also delved into various human emotions, making it relatable to a wide audience.

One of his notable works is the ghazal “Aaj Bazaar Mein Pa Ba Jolan Chalo” which is still celebrated and admired for its depth of emotions and vivid imagery.

Akhtar Sheerani’s legacy lies in his significant contribution to Urdu poetry, inspiring and influencing subsequent generations of poets. His work continues to be studied, appreciated, and revered, leaving an indelible mark on Urdu literature. His timeless poetry still touches the hearts of poetry enthusiasts and serves as an inspiration for aspiring poets.

Through his profound and heartfelt verses, Sheerani remains an integral part of the rich tapestry of Urdu poetry, remembered for his ability to encapsulate the myriad emotions of human existence in his words.

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